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What new ideas could protect people's teeth and gums?

A healthy mouth is critical to overall bodily wellbeing, yet many people continue to suffer from tooth decay, tooth loss, gum disease, abscesses and oral infections or sores. These conditions don’t only cause unnecessary pain and discomfort, they can also inhibit an individual’s enjoyment of food, ability to speak and smile and enjoyment of normal social relations. The right dental routine can help people avoid many of these problems. But what other innovations could make it simpler and more convenient to protect teeth and gums, ease dry-mouth symptoms and improve comfort for denture wearers?

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New plaque-reducing or plaque-inhibiting solutions

Dental plaque causes several oral conditions, including gum disease, which lead to soreness, inflammation and bleeding gums. We want to develop products that reverse and protect against gum disease by stopping plaque from attaching to oral surfaces or by breaking it up without antimicrobials. This could be a mouthwash or toothpaste, but other formats would also be considered.

Gum health

Sodium bicarbonate in toothpastes can inhibit early-stage gum disease. However, in high concentrations its strong, salty taste is unacceptable to consumers. We’re seeking solutions that mask this taste, so that consumers can enjoy its benefits.

Enamel health

Teeth are subject to numerous challenges throughout the day from dietary sugars, acids and bacteria. Despite the use of fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash, all of these factors have contributed to a significant rise in the number of fillings, enamel wear and sensitivity.


Therefore we are seeking solutions that would protect tooth enamel from these challenges and/or repair the damage that has been caused.

Denture cleansers

Denture cleansers are used to clean dentures when they are out of the mouth. They kill microorganisms and remove stains. Microorganisms can cause bad breath and denture-related infections. Denture cleansers may be used with brushing and they must not damage the denture.


The vast majority of denture cleansers are tablet formats based on bleaching technologies. A limited number of denture-cleaning pastes, liquids and powders exist.


Maintaining clean dentures, free from stains and bacteria, takes several steps in the bathroom routine and can be perceived as onerous by the consumer. A great improvement for consumer experience would be to have a highly efficient cleanser that would make denture care easier.


We are seeking solutions for alternative cleanser technologies that are more consumer-friendly but still meet or exceed the performance and safety of commercially available denture cleanser tablets.

Denture adhesives

There are many commercially available denture adhesives based on pastes, powders or adhesive pads that may be placed on dentures to help them stay in place. The different products are based on different technologies; however, all share a common downside: an unpleasant sensorial experience and discomfort to the consumers. This unpleasant sensorial experience during use can be a result of:


  • Chemical taste
  • Overflow of the product from the edges of the denture
  • Phase separation of the formulation, leading to a grainy or gritty texture
  • Oil/greasy products leaving an oily sensation in the mouth
  • The hard-to-remove product residue left behind in the mouth when the denture is taken out


Therefore, we are seeking solutions to improve consumers’ sensorial, in-mouth experience of using denture adhesives, while maintaining the fixative properties throughout the day.

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