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The future of consumer healthcare demands fresh thinking. By collaborating with diverse partners, we can accelerate the future of healthcare.

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Innovative pain solutions


Innovative Pain Solutions

Pain can undermine anyone’s comfort and wellbeing. What new and better options could free people from the misery it brings?

Respiratory solutions


Respiratory Solutions

Whether it’s a runny nose or a serious chest congestion. Whether it's chronic or long-term. How can we help people breathe easier?

Oral health solutions


Oral Health Solutions

A healthy mouth is critical to overall health. What new innovations could protect teeth and gums, ease dry-mouth symptoms or improve comfort for denture wearers?

Nutrition and digestive health innovation

Intestinal villi

Nutrition and Digestive health innovation

How can we use science to develop products that help people meet their nutritional needs and bring relief to sufferers from digestive problems?

Skin health innovation

Skin cells

Skin health innovation

Conditions like acne, cold sores, athlete’s foot or itchiness can cause discomfort and embarrassment. How can we improve the way people’s skin looks and feels?

Prescription to over-the-counter transition

DNA structure

Rx-to-OTC switch

Could your product become a household name in consumer health? We’ve been successfully switching products to the OTC market for 25 years, winning numerous awards.

Digital health innovation

3D model of data packages

Digital health innovation

Today’s technology provides unprecedented access to actionable real world data. How can we use it to deliver more accurate, personalised and cost-effective healthcare?

Innovative product packaging

3D model of recycled packaging material


Top-selling healthcare products need more than exceptional ingredients. How can we optimise packaging materials, container formats, delivery devices, closure and overall shelf appeal?

Our current needs - can you help?

Antioxidant & anti-inflammatory

Do you have an idea for a non-prescription antioxidant/anti-inflammatory healthcare product to combat the reactive oxidative species (ROS), free radicals and/or inflammatory mediators caused by air pollution? Ideally, it would maintain or restore the health of the upper respiratory tract (nasal area and throat) and, if possible, the lower airways. Minimum data requirement = proof of concept.

Barrier-forming products

Do you have an idea how we could form a barrier (physical, chemical or otherwise) to maintains the health of the upper respiratory tract (nasal area and throat) and, if possible, the lower airways. Minimum data requirement = proof of concept

Digital healthcare

Have you developed a connected device that helps consumers manage their respiratory health and the impact of air pollution? Areas of interest include estimation of pollution exposure and symptom tracking. Minimum data requirement = proof of concept.

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