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Digital health technologies

Got a digital or data innovation that could improve healthcare?

Today’s emerging digital technologies are increasingly focused on capturing personal health data, whether through activity trackers, smart watches, mobile medical apps or connected point-of-care diagnostics. The possibilities are endless and could eventually reduce inefficiencies, improve access, bring down costs and deliver an overall approach to medicine that is more personalised, evidence-based and accurate. Maybe we’ll be able to anticipate diseases like cancer before they manifest? Or remotely track medication adherence? Or improve how hospital A&E departments work? If you have a digital technological idea that could benefit from GSK’s deep understanding of consumers and clinical research experience, we could co-create a real medical breakthrough.

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Digital health solutions

We are especially interested in technologies such as wearables, mobile medical apps, novel sensors, connected medical devices, machine learning algorithms and other digital health tools aimed at consumers. Primarily, we’re seeking partners with patent-protected innovations in early or late stage development for licensing and co-development. Our focus is in four key areas: Medication adherence, Health and symptom tracking, Diagnosis/self-selection, and Treatment. Ideally, these technologies would supplement the OTC products in our established categories: Pain Relief, Oral Health, Respiratory, Nutrition/Digestive Health and Skin Health.

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