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Nutrition and digestive health innovation

How else can we improve people's nutrition and digestive health?

Nutrition is central to everyone’s health and wellbeing. At GSK we continue to develop science-based nutritional products that meet the changing needs of our consumers and help them be at their best. This means formulating new beverages and food supplements that optimise our consumers’ sensory experience in terms of taste and texture, while also delivering a range of health benefits. What new scientific ideas could help nourish children all over the world? And what new ways can we find to speed relief and improve the wellbeing of those who suffer from digestive problems?

Our current needs - can you help?

Long-lasting efficacy for oesophageal reflux management

We're interested in products and technologies that demonstrate clinical evidence for effectively managing the frequency and severity of oesophageal reflux and improving people’s quality of life. We would particularly like to see products with novel approaches or modes of action.

Lower digestive health solutions

We're looking for technologies that address common digestive disorders and/or help manage their associated symptoms, such as food intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome or constipation.

Technologies for sugar reduction

We are interested in commercially available or close-to commercialisation technologies to address sugar reduction in food products—including liquids, powder beverages and cereals—while maintaining the sensory attributes of these products. These technologies might modulate sugar release or reduce sugar in other ways.

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