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These are the therapeutic areas in Consumer Healthcare where we're looking for potential partners with innovative ideas.

Innovative pain solutions


Innovative Pain Solutions

Pain can undermine anyone’s comfort and wellbeing. What new and better options could free people from the misery it brings?

Respiratory solutions


Respiratory Solutions

Whether it’s a runny nose or a serious chest congestion. Whether it's chronic or long-term. How can we help people breathe easier?

Oral health solutions


Oral Health Solutions

A healthy mouth is critical to overall health. What new innovations could protect teeth and gums, ease dry-mouth symptoms or improve comfort for denture wearers?

Nutrition and digestive health innovation

Intestinal villi

Nutrition and Digestive health innovation

How can we use science to develop products that help people meet their nutritional needs and bring relief to sufferers from digestive problems?

Skin health innovation

Skin cells

Skin health innovation

Conditions like acne, cold sores, athlete’s foot or itchiness can cause discomfort and embarrassment. How can we improve the way people’s skin looks and feels?

Prescription to over-the-counter transition

DNA structure

Rx-to-OTC switch

Could your product become a household name in consumer health? We’ve been successfully switching products to the OTC market for 25 years, winning numerous awards.

Digital health innovation

3D model of data packages

Digital health innovation

Today’s technology provides unprecedented access to actionable real world data. How can we use it to deliver more accurate, personalised and cost-effective healthcare?

Digital health innovation

3D model of recycled packaging material


Top-selling healthcare products need more than exceptional ingredients. How can we optimise packaging materials, container formats, delivery devices, closure and overall shelf appeal?

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Transformation through immersion: Using immersive technology to demonstrate how life is changing for consumers in rapidly growing cities.

Transformation through immersion: Using immersive technology to demonstrate how life is changing for consumers in rapidly growing cities. In the next two decades most of the world’s growth is expected to occur in today’s emerging markets.

The Top 9 Medical Technology Innovations in 2018

The Top 9 Medical Technology Innovations in 2018 : The what and how behind the biggest technologies driving radical change in healthcare

How Mobile Health Apps Are Driving the Conversion of Prescription Drugs to Over-the-Counter Medication

Rx to OTC blog From bits to pills, companion apps for converted over-the-counter (OTC) medication are rewiring consumer behavior and creating new opportunities in healthcare technology and OTC marketing.

How to Build a Culture That Prioritizes Development in Healthcare Organizations

An iterative and progressive culture will reward you with engaged employees and happier patients/customers. Here’s how to build one.

Remote Monitoring, Self-Care, and the Rise of Telemedicine

Remote Monitoring, Self-Care, and the Rise of Telemedicine : An Apple (or Google) a day keeps the doctor away

How the Internet of Things is Revolutionizing Sleep

The emergence of interconnected devices might just be the solution to America’s sleeping problem.

Applying Behavioral Economics to Consumer Health

By Nicolas Pochart Director of Consumer Innovation

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